5 Ways to See the Good in Halloween

Halloween is a controversial holiday in Christian circles. We get preoccupied with witchcraft and demons, cast judgement on the modesty of costumes, and question whether the “creepy” guy down the road is giving out safe candy. We think poorly of neighbors who decorate with tombstones and wear fake blood on their lips, and certainly wouldn’t consider going to a haunted house or a scary movie. 

We forget that Halloween (regardless of how twisted its roots might be) is an opportunity to be more like Christ. Here are a few ways you can see the good in Halloween!

  1. Your kids get to be creative and pretend to be whatever incredible being they dream up. Little girls can be princesses of the most High King and little boys can seek His justice as a wild west sheriff! Most importantly, your children (and YOU) can channel the God-given creativity and parade it’s product around the neighborhood.
  2. You have one last opportunity to go outside and enjoy the remnants of fall! Soak up the last few days of God’s beautiful falling leaves and crisp (but not unbearable) air as you walk up and down the streets for candy!
  3. Candy, caramel corn and pumpkin spice everything! What better excuse do you have to eat a few sweets than a halloween shindig? 
  4. Get to know your neighbors. This is one of the few holidays (maybe the only?) that get most people outside and mingling in the neighborhood. What a good excuse to get to know the families on your block? 
  5. Witness to others. Sometimes there are some crummy things that come with Halloween – there are scantily clad teenage girls and lots of dark corners for people to hide. But there’s also a tremendous opportunity to connect with these people and walk alongside them. Show them how good Halloween can be when we experience it through the perspective of Christ!

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