Day Camp 2013 – God is Big!

Day Camp 13It’s hard to believe that only a week ago today we were wrapping up our first-ever day camp! We had over 20 Kindergarten – 6th graders from both the local villages, and a meal ministry in Mansfield, OH. We had campers who knew Jesus and His love well, and we had campers who really heard the magnificent news of Christ for the first time. We spent the week going through some of the heroes in the Bible (Moses, Joshua, Deborah, David, Jesus), we played outrageous games, swam, did archery, climbed the rock wall and visited Candyland for a little snack. We broke up into groups according to age to have conversations about our Bible heroes, and about who God is. It was a powerful week!

I wish I could share every moment that made me pause and say “how awesome is our God?!”  I wish I could have captured every smile, every child’s eagerness to read the Word, every leader’s glow after conversations with our day campers! I wish I could bottle up the chilly lake water and allow you to experience it with the excitement and freedom that our day campers did. I wish you could have witnessed the transformation of children who, for the first time, truly understood what grace and forgiveness meant. I wish you could have heard their prayers. I wish I could boil it down to conversions and commitments and let you rejoice in the numbers added to the kingdom last week. I wish that instead of our summer winding down, that we were gearing up to start day camp again, because one thing I know, one thing you can sing praises for, is that our God, showed up in mighty ways in the lives of our day campers last week.

Our God is bigger than the brokenness in the lives of our campers, He’s bigger than the rainy days and stomach bugs – Our God is an AWESOME God.

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Mark Dubler has been a leader, host, and participant in camps and retreats for the last twenty years. He holds an M.A. in Educational Ministries from Wheaton College and is the Executive Director of Otyokwah Camp and Retreat Center, a Christian facility with a rich history of providing personal, life-changing experiences.

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