Finding a Christian Camp Job that Goes Beyond Being a Cabin Counselor

You can find opportunities to find a Christian camp job in every state in the U.S.  And a majority of these positions require being a cabin counselor to various ages of youth.  This may be a great position for many, but if you are looking for a position that will be more challenging and will give you a wider range of experience, look for a Christian camp job that will require you to fill multiple roles.

Have you ever wanted to be a certified life guard?  Many camps need lifeguards and some will even pay for your training and certification.  How about a Christian camp job that focuses on running outdoor adventures like climbing walls, ropes courses, or helping youth on the archery range?

Would you like management experience?  How about considering managing a bookstore or running a snack shop?  A Christian camp job like these provide valuable work experience and also look more impressive on your resume, because it will grow your leadership skills.

A Christian camp job that requires you to play multiple roles will provide the kind of cross training that cannot be found in a traditional cabin counselor position.  And depending on the type of camp you work for, you may fill such creative roles as Pottery Instructor, Props and Set Manager, or assisting in the First Aid office.

When researching various opportunities, determine how long the Christian camp job you are looking into requires you to work.  Position obligations will vary in length, and some Christian camp jobs will involve a contract with a bonus for completing your season obligation.  There may be higher paying summer jobs, but a Christian camp job provides a far more richer and rewarding summer than most.

Like being a lifeguard, many multiple-role positions require experience or require completing a training program, but the effort is worth it.  You will have a far more interesting summer, and a Christian camp job that requires more from you will also train you and mold you in valuable, rewarding ways.

Summary:  This article explains the reasons why a Christian camp job that requires multiple roles and responsibilities is a richer and more rewarding summer position for college students.

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