Finding Cool Summer Jobs at Camps

There are a wide variety of summer jobs at Camps across Ohio and in many other states.  Though summer jobs at camps may not be the highest paying work a college student can find, it can be some of the most enjoyable work a student can experience.  And, because most summer jobs at camps and retreat centers include living accommodations and food, a student can still save a good amount of money.

Before you begin looking for a cool job that fits you, you need to ask yourself, “What types of summer jobs at camps would I enjoy?  What is the atmosphere, focus, and surroundings I would love to be a part of?”  In other words, to find a cool position, you need to first know what “cool” means for you.

Do you love the water?  Do you love being tucked away in the woods?  Do you love to work with little children or older adolescents?  Do you want a camp experience focused on outdoor adventures, or the arts, or sports?  Are you drawn to summer jobs at camps that emphasize education, or helping at-risk kids, or helping kids grow in their Christian faith?  These are the types of questions you should work through before you begin your job search.

A unique difference to faith-based camps is that, along with opportunities to enjoy a beautiful setting and days of outdoor activities, you will have great opportunities to grow in your own personal faith by hearing great speakers, join in or lead discussion groups, have times for prayer and worship, and really help make a difference in the lives of kids.  There is a special depth to summer jobs at camps that emphasize faith and personal growth that others may not have.

Once you know the kind of work and kind of summer jobs at camps you would enjoy being a part of, start asking people you know what camps they have been a part of.  There are other ways to get to know what’s available, but personal experience and feedback from people you trust is one of the best ways.  There are hundreds of summer camp websites, national camp associations, websites specifically designed to help users locate the best summer jobs at camps with lists of member organizations.

Take the time to know what you’re looking for, what you would love to be a part of, and then begin your search through networking, job posts, and websites.  You may have one of the most rewarding summers of your life!

Summary:  To find cool summer jobs at camps, you first need to know what you are looking for.  This article helps you get started with this search.

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Mark Dubler has been a leader, host, and participant in camps and retreats for the last twenty years. He holds an M.A. in Educational Ministries from Wheaton College and is the Executive Director of Otyokwah Camp and Retreat Center, a Christian facility with a rich history of providing personal, life-changing experiences.

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