How to Interview for Camp Counselor Positions – The Do’s and Don’ts

Show Your Enthusiasm

Virtually all summer camp counselor positions will involve with young people or children, and no Camp Director wants to hire boring staff.  Children love excitement, and every child wants to know their camp counselor genuinely cares for them and loves being with them.

Be Yourself

If you sort of fake who you are when you interview for camp counselor positions, chances are the interviewer will pick up on this, and if they don’t, you may also increase the possibility of landing a job you actually won’t like very much.  If you practice basic interview skills, know as much as you can about your own experiences, your qualifications, and the needs of the position, you will be able to relax and let your personality shine.

Don’t Overstate Your Qualifications

First, this is just dishonest.  Second, if a director senses you are exaggerating or may not be telling the truth, your chances of getting the job are over.  Simply put, honesty is huge.

Don’t Understate Your Qualifications

When interviewing for Camp Counselor positions, the best way to present all that you would bring to the job is to take the time to know everything you can find out about the camp counselor positions that are open and to take the time to reflect on all your experiences and skills and how they would fit the particular camp counselor positions you are interested in.

This may seem obvious, but many students think they can wing and interview, without much preparation, and once your first impression is made, it’s tough to change it.

Don’t Give General or Generic Answers

There are many college students applying to camp counselor positions, and though many would do a good job, the best camps and the best positions demand the very best from staff members.  Giving generic or underwhelming answers like “I think being a camp counselor would be fun” will not set you apart.

Showing that you have researched the camp counselor positions you interview for demonstrates effort, maturity, and genuine interest.  Generic answers won’t convince the interviewer you have these qualities, so let your answers be specific to the position and specific to your skill set.

If you follow these basic guidelines, you should not only increase your chances of finding good camp counselor positions, you will also increase the chances of finding a position you will really enjoy.

Summary:  Knowing how to interview for summer camp counselor positions is key to successfully finding a job and key to finding the job you will really enjoy.

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