How to Write a Camp Counselor Resume

Writing a strong camp counselor resume shows your commitment, highlights your skills, and showcases you to potential employers in ways that will set you apart.  The following are some basic dos and don’ts to keep in mind as you write your camp counselor resume.  Many college students miss the opportunity of interviews because they do not take the necessary time to think through and write an excellent resume.

  1. DO take the time to think through all the skills and experiences you have had that your camp counselor resume should highlight.  Take the time to list all the work, even volunteer work, that you have done, and include the responsibilities and activities you performed, along with the skills you gained from this work.
  2. DO write a brief (no more than one page) resume that lists each position and the accomplishments you had in each role.  Center at the top your name, address and contact information, then use section headings such as: Objective, Education, a Summary of Skills and Experiences, Work Experience and References.  (If you were thorough in completing step one, this step will flow quickly and clearly.)
  3. DO have a number of other people read your camp counselor resume.  Ask them if they can clearly determine what roles you have played and the skills and experience you would offer your employer.  Ask them for feedback and suggestions on how to improve your camp counselor resume through wording or format changes or through adding or excluding parts to your resume.
  4. DO NOT lie in your camp counselor resume.  The number one reason hiring managers dismiss potential candidates is they determine, or at least get the feeling, you are not telling the truth.  Tell only what is true, but make sure to do this as thoroughly and positively as possible, which leads us to the fifth and final step.
  5. DO NOT undersell yourself, either through what you include in your camp counselor resume, the quality of your resume, or what you say when you interview.  Know what you have said in your resume.  It’s your resume!  So, be prepared to explain and answer questions around the subjects you have shared in your summer camp resume.

Beginning with these basic steps will help you write an excellent camp counselor resume and increase your chances of finding a fun and rewarding position that fits you well.

Summary:  This article discusses the basic steps to writing an effective camp counselor resume that will increase your chances of finding a fun and rewarding summer job.

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