Jobs at Summer Camps – The Making of a Rewarding Summer Job

There are a lot of summer jobs out there from fast food, to house painting, to landscaping, to finding an office job, but there are few opportunities as rich and rewarding as jobs at summer camps.  Jobs at summer camps are more varied than most realize, and they can involve teaching, coaching, speaking, serving as a lifeguard, or working in a camp gift shop.  Sure, there is always jobs at summer camps that involve being a camp counselor, but if you have the interest and skill, you may find positions that go beyond being a counselor that will also be valuable to your future career.

And jobs at summer camps are on the top of the list when people look back on their favorite summers in college.  You could flip burgers or cut grass, or you could build into the life of another that may change them forever.  Makes burgers or cutting grass kind of dull, huh?

These types of positions may not be the highest paying work, but most positions include all room and board in their compensation which really helps you save your earnings.  And most jobs at summer camps are located in some of the most beautiful settings in the country.  Positions can be found along the ocean, or in the mountains, or along a beautiful lake in a state or national forest.

So, the perks of jobs at summer camps are many.  Beautiful places to hike, swim and climb are just a few of them.  Waking up to the woodsy smells of the forest, taking your free time to paint or draw in the surrounding beauty, or roasting marshmallows and singing songs around the campfire will also add to your summer adventures.

And pouring yourself into work that most young people will count as the most influential of their lives cannot be understated.  So, if you want to do more than simply make money this summer, research jobs at summer camps.  You will find opportunities in every state of the country, and you may experience the most rewarding summer of your college years.

Summary:  When many look back over their life, jobs at summer camps are usually considered some of the most rewarding work they have ever been a part of.  This article discusses the varied opportunities to find rich and rewarding work this summer.

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