Looking for Camp Counselor Summer Jobs? Finding the Right Summer Camp for You.

Camp counselor summer jobs are some of the most rewarding experiences a college student can have.  Teamwork, leadership skills, problem solving skills and having a positive influence on youth are among the top reasons college students look for camp counselor summer jobs.

But, there are many summer camps and a variety of camp counselor summer jobs, so finding the type of camp that fits your needs and interests is an important first step.  The following are five good questions to ask yourself as you evaluate camp counselor summer jobs.

What Types of Camp Counselor Summer Jobs Interest You the Most?

There are a variety of types of camps in the United States (and overseas if you are that adventurous!)  Academic Camps, Outdoor Adventure Camps, Sports Camps, Arts Camps, Religious Camps and Special Needs Camps are among the most common types.

What are your own personal interests?  Do you love sports or the performing arts?  Are you a person of religious faith or someone who loves the great outdoors?  You can also combine what matters most to you, too.  As examples, you could work for a Christian Sports camp or you could work with kids with special needs that love art and music.

What Types of Youth Are You Interested In Working With?

Various camps will focus on different populations of youth.    Are you drawn to working with kids that may be at-risk, special needs, urban, elementary, adventurous or artsy?  This is an important question, and the answer may depend on what you hope to do in your future.  It may also depend on the ways you hope to make a difference in the world.

If you decide to work with in camp counselor summer jobs that specialize in working with youth with particular needs or challenges, make sure to learn how you will be trained and what assistance leadership gives to their summer camp counselors.

Where Do You Want to Work?

You may live in Indiana and working at a horse camp in Colorado or Fine Arts Camp in California sound like amazing camp counselor summer jobs.  Or, you may live in Ohio, and you want to be close enough to friends and close enough to home to visit on your days off.

When looking at various camp counselor summer jobs, being clear on your needs or personal limitations is really helpful if you decide to work in another part of the country.  Location will also affect the amount of expenses you incur, so also be clear on how much income you need to save by the end of your summer.

What Are Your Financial Needs?

Speaking of summer income, how much income do you need to net by the time you return to school?  Camp counselor summer jobs typically pay modest salaries, but usually your lodging and meals are part of your compensation.

So, an important question is, “Can I make enough money, after all my expenses, to meet my financial needs?”  Knowing, as well as you can, how much you need, will be an important part of the decision of where you work.  Keep in mind all the expenses you will incur (travel, clothing, spending money, etc.) and subtract those expenses from the total pay you expect to make.  If some of the camp counselor summer jobs you are considering end weeks before your Fall term begins, you may want to do what other students do, which is to line up some other work after you return home.

You will come up with other questions to consider as you look for camp counselor summer jobs, but these four are a great place to start.  Remember, clear decision making and clear planning will help you find the kind of camp counselor summer jobs that are right for you.

Summary:  Knowing the kind of camp counselor summer jobs that fit you the best is important to finding enjoyable and rewarding summer employment.  The four questions discussed in this article will help you begin the decision making and planning process to find the position that’s right for you.

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