Summer Camp Employment – It Could Launch Your Career

Most college students know about summer camp employment opportunities, yet most probably conjure up being a cabin counselor when they think of summer camp employment.  But, there are positions of summer camp employment around the country that go beyond being a cabin counselor, and these positions may very well give you the training and experience to move you into a rewarding career.

Take Julie from the Midwest.  Julie attended a fine arts camp during her junior and senior high school years, and she focused on musical performance.  Although music was a real interest to Julie, she was also keenly interested in being a radio and television personality.  Because Julie really enjoyed her years of summer camping, when she needed a summer job she looked into summer camp positions around the arts.  And she took one.

Julie served as a cabin counselor, but she also helped with assisting in musical performances and in creating sets for dramatic performances.  Because her summer camp employment was in the setting of fine arts, Julie met many professionals in the industry she hoped to be a part of some day.

Julie began hosting a local television talk show and then moved into creating training and promotional videos for various corporations.  Over the years Julie has been involved in not only television and corporate communication, but also radio, commercials and other forms of media.  That was 30 years ago, and Julie credits her career success with all the important and enjoyable experiences of working in summer camp employment that not only helped her pay for college but also fit her creative aspirations.

So, when you are dreaming of how to spend your summers, think beyond fast food or even serving as a traditional camp counselor.  Look for summer camp employment that asks you to fill multiple roles.  You may find experience in retail, promotions, management, teaching, creative arts or other areas of interest.  You certainly do a lot of homework for your college coursework, so do some homework on summer camp employment, and you may find a position as rewarding and beneficial as the one Julie did.

Summary:  Summer camp employment can be more varied and creative than being a cabin counselor, and these multi-role positions could even launch you into a life long career.

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