Summer Camp Positions– A Whole Variety of Opportunities

The variety of summer camp positions is far and wide.  One reason there are so many types of opportunities to choose from is because there are so many different types of camps.

So, as you begin to look for summer camp positions, first choose the kind of camp you want to work for.  The following are common types of summer camps.

Traditional Camps

Some summer camp positions are at traditional recreational camps.  Recreational camps are camps that are designed to get kids outdoors, having fun, and enjoying typical camp activities.  Swimming, canoeing, hiking, campfires, crafts, goofy games, archery, and the usual sports make up the days at traditional recreational camps.

Fine Arts Camps

Fine arts camps are less common, but they serve a very special purpose.  summer camp positions at fine arts camps will be involved with the performing arts (music, dance, drama), and creative arts (painting, drawing, pottery, etc.).  So, summercamp jobs at fine arts camps could involve performing in a staff orchestra, assisting or teaching various art classes, or providing lessons for young music or acting performers.  Many of these specialized summer camp positions require a minimum level of skill and experience, so research job requirements carefully.

Sports Camps

Sports camps are designed to train young athletes and take them to a whole new level of skill and proficiency.  Summer camp positions at sports camps may also require a particular level of athletic skill or certification, but if you love sports and are a seasoned athlete, sports camps will be a perfect fit.  Make sure you are clear on the qualifications that are required of counselors and other positions before you decide that working for a sports camp is the right choice for you.

Special Needs Camps

Special needs camps offer great opportunities for kids with particular physical, emotional, cognitive or behavioral needs.  If you want to work in a career that involves special needs populations, positions with special needs camps will be personally rewarding and they will also provide needed experience.

Faith Oriented Camps

Faith oriented camps can also be very rewarding experiences if your religious faith is an important part of your life, and if you’re looking for summer camp positions that help others grow in their faith.  Christian camps are the most common faith oriented camps in the U.S., but there are many camps oriented toward other beliefs and traditions as well.  Look carefully at the camps you find to make sure your values and religious beliefs align with the camp’s.  This is important to finding a position you will enjoy and feel great about.

Summary:  There are a variety of types of summer camps in the U.S. Learning about the types of camps available in the U.S. is a great way to begin looking for summer camp positions.

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